Build Your Bundle Simplified


Have you been shopping the Build Your Own Bundle homeschool curriculum sale this week?

You can get over 200 products at 86% – 96% off  – but it ends TONIGHT, so hurry!

I know a lot of people feel overwhelmed when they see just how much is available on the site.  I’ve compiled some Q&A based on some questions that have been discussed in our Christian Homeschoolers Facebook group.

Hopefully this will take a little of the overwhelm out of it so you can take advantage of the great deals!


First things First

It would be wise to create an account on the Build Your Bundle site and log in. This will ensure that your shopping cart gets saved. We have had people putting things in their cart so they could think through their decisions and then after so long the cart gets emptied out. If you create your account first, you can log in and find your cart the same as the last you left it.


Are all the products digital?

Yes. As much as I love physical books, there are some reasons that I LOVE digital curriculum too!

1. It’s cheaper (especially this week!) since publishers do not have the associated costs with printing and shipping.
2. It saves a lot of space. My oldest is only 8, and already my bookshelves are becoming overrun with textbooks and worksheets. Keeping it stored on my computer instead is freeing up a lot of room in our tiny house.
3. Take it anywhere on your tablet instead of taking your expensive textbooks all over creation.
4. Print as much or as little as you need. Skip lessons you feel are unnecessary.
5. Use it for multiple children. This is the BIGGEST perk in my opinion. Saves SO much money on consumables since I can just print extra copies rather than buying them for each child.
6. I can actually find it! If I buy stuff to use next year I can find it since it’s stored neatly on my computer rather than stuck in a box somewhere.
7. Don’t worry about it getting torn up. If somebody messes up a page I can just print another one.
8. If we’re using it on our tablet, we’re much more likely to click on links to supplementary videos, games, etc. as opposed to having to go manually type in links after we’re done with the school day.

There are also some resources that HAVE to be used digitally, such as audio files and online courses.


Organizing Digital Curriculum

I love to buy as much from this sale as I can reasonably afford each year. Then I store it on my computer and “shop” my files when I’m determining new curriculum. It seems like a no-brainer to pick up things for pennies on the dollar as long as I’m pretty certain we will use them within the next couple years. A large portion of our curriculum each year is comprised of files I have on my computer that I got from this sale.

But…you have to be able to find it when you need it, right?

Here are some tips from myself and others:

  1. Be vigilant about naming my files as you download them. For example, I have a folder on my computer called “Homeschool Resources”. Then inside of that folder, I have additional folders labeled “Arithmetic”, “Reading”, “Language Arts”, “Bible”, etc.
    As I download my files from the bundle sale I save them in the appropriate file. Sometimes they fit into more than one category, so I save them multiple times in each appropriate file, just to make it easier to find later.
  2. If you are storing your items directly on your computer, MAKE SURE YOU BACK YOUR COMPUTER UP through a service like Backblaze or Carbonite. If your computer crashes, you are out hundreds of dollars in curriculum!
  3. You could also use a cloud storage system like dropbox or
  4. Another user said she emails the files to herself and keeps them in a folder in her email.
  5. Some use a flash drive or external hard drive, but those can crash or get lost, which is why I am personally more comfortable storing on my computer and backing up the files remotely.


Printing or using a Tablet?

It depends on what it is. Some of the products are better viewed on a tablet or computer. (Check out the online unit studies in the unit studies bundles! )

But I do like to print things too.

Money-saving tips for printable materials:

  • A laser printer was the best investment I ever made for my homeschool.  I can print about 5000 pages before I need new toner!
  • Another commenter said there is an app that lets you upload worksheets on an iPad and use a stylus to complete the pages.   She couldn’t remember the name of it, but that seems like a great thing to look into!
  • Print in gray scale when possible.
  • You can often print cheaper larger items at Staples or other office stores cheaper than using colored ink at home.
  • I also pick-n-choose what I really need to print. I like to view the teacher manuals from my computer.


Buy 2 Bundles, get 1 Free!

1. If you buy 2 pre-made bundles, you will get a 3rd pre-made bundle free! The savings will be slightly different depending on which bundles you buy, but here are some approximations:
Three bundles priced at $20 each = $700 worth of curriculum. You pay = $40! (buy 2x$20, get the third free)
Your three bundles do not all have to be the same price; you will just get the lowest priced one free.
See all pre-made bundles.

2. If you buy 2 build your own bundles, you will get a 3rd build your own bundle free. Again, the savings will be slightly different depending on which bundles you buy, but here are some approximations:
Buy 2 Premium bundles at $59 each = approximately $800 worth of curriculum.  You pay = $118!


Building Your Own Bundle

If the products in which you are most interested are spread out between bundles, it might be more cost-effective to build your own bundle.

Here is the list of prices for building your own.


What bundle is best for my child?

Lots of people have asked about which bundle would be best for their child, so I tried to make some lists of which bundles and/or products would be the best fit for the different grade levels.  I ran out of time to do every single grade, but here are the ones I got to:

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade – I did not post this one because it was identical to fourth grade.
Sixth Grade
High School





Premium Products

Did you know there are some premium products available to purchase at a very big discount?
My personal favorite is a one year membership to Schoolhouse Teachers. You’ll find online courses on every subject imaginable. One membership enrolls EVERY CHILD in your entire family. Complete as many courses as you’d like!

View all the premium products here.


If you purchase a premium product, you will receive a coupon for $10 off any “build your own bundle” purchase.  So if you want a premium product plus any bundles, be sure to complete the purchase of the premium product first so you can get the coupon!


Putting the value into perspective

I’ve picked out just a couple of my favorite resources from a few of the bundles just so you can see how much you are saving!

Charlotte Mason Bundle – bundle cost = $30

My favorite products:
The Mystery of History Audios ($20)
Sir Cumference Math ($90)
Proverbs Copywork ($29.99)
Nature Drawing and Journaling ($24.95)

Cost of just my favorites = $164.94; total paid = $30!


Character Bundle – bundle cost = $20

My favorite products:
A Content Heart Study ($24)
Picture Smart Bible ($49)
Character Trails curriculum ($36)

Cost of just my favorites = $109; total paid = $20!


Early Learning Bundle – bundle cost = $20

My favorite products:
101 Independent Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers ($9.99)
Learn Your Numbers Curriculum ($25)
Picture Smart Bible ($46)

Cost of just my favorites = $80.99; total paid = $20!


Hidden Gems

I asked the group members what gems they saw tucked into this sale that were very valuable in their opinion, and these were some of the ones mentioned:

  • Any Products from Master Books or Answers in Genesis
  • WriteShop
  • Homeschool Legacy products
  • Bible Lego challenges
  • The Mystery of History audios
  • Cobblestone Path
  • Character Concepts curriculum

View all products in alphabetical order here.


Extra Bonuses:

Did you know that EVERY purchase also gets a packet of bonuses?

There are over $250 worth of freebies, plus other discounts on additional products.

Think about this – even if you bought the very cheapest bundle, which is $10, you would also get $250 worth of downloads!

How Much Would it Cost to Buy it ALL?

A colleague of mine did some figuring, and she came up with a way to get EVERY product in the sale for $240! (Total value = $3,559!) You could probably school your kids for the next 5 years with it all!

So, here’s how she said to divide up the orders to make them come out the cheapest with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free:

Order #1
Character Bundle – $20
Brother & Sister – $20
Copywork, Notebooking, Lapbooks ($15) FREE

Order #2
Charlotte Mason – $30
Upper Grades #1 – $30
Early Learning ($20) FREE

Order #3
Elementary #1 – $40
Elementary #2 – $40
Upper Grades #2 ($30) FREE

Order #4
Fine Arts – $20
Unit Study#1 – $20
Unit Study#2 ($20) FREE

Order #5
Homemaking -$10
Homeschool Helps -$10
Mystery – ($10) FREE

TOTAL COST = $240 (or less if you have a coupon code.)

So if you happen to decide you want it ALL, that’s how you do it!


How do I get a coupon?

  1. If you entered the giveaway they were holding before the sale, you should have received one by email.
  2. If you order one of the premium courses or memberships, you will receive a coupon for $10 off any build your own bundle.  If you’re wanting to buy a premium membership, be sure to do that order first so you can get the coupon and use it on your bundle purchases!
  3. If you purchased anything in a previous year, you should have received a coupon.
  4. If you purchased anything THIS YEAR, you should have received an additional coupon.


Do the coupons have any exclusions?

  1. Coupons cannot be used on the premium courses or memberships.
  2. Coupons are one time use.
  3. Coupons cannot be combined with other coupons; however they CAN be combined with the buy 2 get 1 free offer.

If you read this far, you are a certified curriculum junkie!  I hope I’ve answered any questions you have, but if not, please feel free to comment or email me and I’ll be happy to answer!

Happy shopping!

(And don’t forget to join the Christian Homeschoolers Facebook group if you haven’t.  We’d love to have you!)


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