10 Ways to Make Homeschool Exciting


10 Ways to Make Homeschool Exciting | @mbream

“Are you ready for school to start back?” is a common question I ask kids at the end of the summer.

Most of the kids  I know are homeschooled, but I get quite the variety of responses to that question.

Some are absolutely dreading it, but I’ve noticed that most of the time the ones who dread it have caught that attitude from their mother.

As homeschool moms, lets find ways to make homeschool exciting and fun instead of something that has to be endured!


Here are few ideas:

1. Buy fun new school supplies before school starts (not just the cheapest ones!)

2. Establish some back-to-school traditions (special breakfast, new outfit, school photos)

2. Switch up the routine when things are starting to get too comfortable.

3. Change the environment  (go outside, do a computer lesson instead of pencil and paper)

4. Let them choose what they’d like to study (does it really matter whether they study zoology or astronomy first as long as they’re learning?)

5. As their teacher, show some enthusiasm.  Show them that you think school is exciting and they’ll catch your attitude!  I got in the spirit this year with a new t-shirt.  It’s just one simple way to show my kids that I enjoy homeschooling them and it’s not something that I’m doing out of duty.  (Psst…if you want a shirt like this you can get one at shopgreatproducts.com — they’re on sale for $5.99 for a limited time!)  (Yes, I totally asked if they would sponsor me – I loved their shirts and just knew I had to tell you about them!)

Homeschool shirt

6. Play review games (they’re not just for kids in classrooms!)

7. Make learning as hands-on as you can (use real money to learn money counting, go outside and look at a caterpillar instead of just reading about it in a book, etc.)

8. Snuggle up on the bed and read out loud to them.  School doesn’t have to be relegated to a desk or table!

9.  Take regular “brain breaks” (Everybody go run around the outside of the house one time and come sit back down!)

10. Don’t make school so much about books and papers as about real life experiences.  Kids are learning math as they help you measure ingredients for baking, science when they collect leaves and bugs, reading when they help you read the labels at the grocery store, etc.


What are some other ways you can think of to make homeschool exciting?


MaryEllen Bream

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