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My mother-in-law passed down the Lost in the Woods book to us, and I’ve been reading the short stories to the kids as they eat their lunch every day.

The stories are excellent – each short story contains a gospel message.  The language is a little bit old-fashioned, which I like because it is helping my kids build their vocabulary.  I don’t think kids are as dumb as we make them out to be.  My two year old understands these stories, and she is learning lots of new words as she listens too.

I didn’t know where the book came from, so I googled the publisher, and I was pleasantly surprised at what came up!  It was a treasure trove of quality Christian books for all ages!  There are missionary biographies, Christian historical fiction and non-fiction, devotional books, short story compilations like the ones pictured, reference books, and more!

I have this particular book, and it is


I could spend a small fortune if I were to purchase everything that I wanted.  I will be frequenting this site often.

Anyway, I was just excited to find so many great looking books all in one place, so I thought I’d share.

Here’s the site:


Bible Truth Publishers


Anyone else have any good recommendations for quality Christian books?





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