Free Printable Arithmetic Flashcards

Free Printable Math flashcards - A Beka style

As I gear up for another year of homeschooling, I try to save as much cash as possible.  But flashcards are not something which I feel I can do without.  They are so important for solidifying those arithmetic facts!  Since I mainly use the A Beka curriculum, I like to have all my visuals be the same style as theirs, just for the sake of continuity.  But their flashcards are expensive!  I’ve created my own printable flashcards in the same style, and I wanted to make them available to other homeschoolers in hopes they will save you some money too!

Note: I did not create a back side with the answers. It seems like everyone’s printer is a little different, and it is very complicated to get them to print front and back correctly without a lot of frustration.  Penciling the answers in on the back is actually faster, uses less ink, and won’t show through the card when it’s held up to the sunlight.  (Not that any of your kids would try that.)

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