Our Multi-Grade Homeschool Health Curriculum

UPDATE 10/2019: It appears that this company is no longer in business, which is disappointing. For an alternative health curriculum idea, check out my review of Masterbooks Elementary Anatomy curriculum.

I posted our multi-grade homeschool curriculum choices a couple months ago. I wanted to combine all of my children for as many subjects as possible so that I could streamline our homeschooling time.

At the time, one subject I did not have was health and wellness.  When I was asked to do a sponsored review of the WAY Comes Home curriculum, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but I agreed out of curiosity.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this curriculum works extremely well for teaching multiple ages at once!

way comes home activitiesDecorating their health journals.  Each child has their own book that is appropriate for their age level.


The curriculum was designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, and that was pretty obvious right away.  It fits our needs perfectly.



1. Interactive lessons – students are not sitting at a desk doing worksheets.  The curriculum makes learning about health and wellness fun and relevant.

Making nature pictures

Creating nature pictures of how we feel when we are healthy.

2. Materials for multiple grade levels are included as well as ideas for including siblings of different ages in each lesson.

way comes homeEven the baby participates!

3. The curriculum comes ready-to-go including all the supplies needed for the lessons.  Some of the materials would have been a little hard to obtain and I honestly would have skipped them if they were simply suggested for purchase.  I love that they went ahead and provided it all in the box!

4. Budget-friendly – The price is excellent, especially considering we are using the curriculum for all of our children.

PLUS: I have an exclusive coupon for my readers!  Get an additional $5 off and free shipping when you order the complete curriculum and use the coupon ihm020 at checkout.  Order here.

way comes home materials


1. There is a section which uses the new MyPlate guidelines regarding nutrition.  I know many people have objections to these guidelines, but since I am ultimately in control of the teaching process, I feel that it is easy enough to explain my viewpoint about nutrition.
2. The lessons come with supplemental videos, some of which have content which does not jive with our worldview.  I have not really felt that the lessons had anything missing without the use of the videos, however.



My overall opinion:

I would definitely recommend WAY Comes Home as a health curriculum, especially if you are trying to homeschool multiple ages at once.  (WAY stands for Wellness, Academics, and You – in case you were wondering. 🙂 )

I don’t think you can beat that price, and it is very enjoyable for the kids – which makes it enjoyable for mom too!  They ask me every day, “Can we do health today?  Please?”

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Don’t forget the exclusive coupon code – ihm020 gets you $5 off the complete curriculum and free shipping.  This brings the price of the entire curriculum to $34.95 shipped.  Order here.


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  I only accept sponsors whose products I use and love, so please know you can trust the recommendations I make!

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