Free Printable Number Concept Flashcards

I’m finishing up preparing for our year of kindergarten, and I’m trying to avoid buying anything that I possibly can.

I have bought the bare minimum that I possibly could, plus I’ve bought what I could on ebay at a discount, and I’ve still spent over $100 for kindergarten books.  I know there are cheaper curricula out there, but I chose to go with A Beka because I really believe that their phonics program is superior.

I just didn’t have it in my budget to purchase flashcards that I knew I could make, so I created some of them myself.

You can download these (and more products!) in our free printables library.

Free Printable Number Concept Flashcards | Christian Homeschool Family



If you want to laminate your flashcards, I have this laminator and love it.  I also bought a huge box of generic pouches that was so much cheaper and they work just fine!


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MaryEllen Bream

Hi! I'm MaryEllen. I currently have 3 children that I am homeschooling, from kindergarten through 4th grade. I also wrangle a toddler and will soon have another newborn in the house. Join me as I share real life stories of how I'm getting it all done (or not!)

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