How to Teach Art at Home like a Pro: Even if You Can’t Draw a Straight Line


By Jim Pence, See the Light chalk artist 

See the Light



“I want to include art in my homeschool curriculum, but how can I teach my children to draw if I don’t know how myself?”

Art is one of those subjects that is difficult for most of us to teach. We know art is important in a well-rounded education, but where do you start?

Have you ever felt that way?

If you have, I’ve got good news for you.

Teaching art at home just got a whole lot easier.

See the Light Art Class


Art Class from See the Light is a DVD-based course that:

  •  Is taught by Master Artist, Pat Knepley
  • Has 36 lessons on 9 DVDs—a school year’s worth of instruction
  •  Helps students learn step-by-step in short, bite-sized lessons
  •  Includes Scripture in every lesson
  • Includes art history and art appreciation in every lesson
  • Has easy to follow exercises
  •  Requires a minimum of art supplies
  •  Costs far less than most other homeschool art programs
  •  Requires NO WORKBOOKS! – Ever!
  •  Works well with students from early elementary through high school



Unlike many homeschool art programs, Art Class isn’t project oriented. Your children will not jump from one project or medium to another. Because it is based on the 7 elements of art, Art Class systematically teaches them the skills to create their own art—whenever they want to.

As they work through the DVD lessons, your children will learn:

See the Light Art Class

  •  The basics of drawing (line)
  • How to work with shape and space
  •  How to understand and use color
  • How to draw texture and form
  • How to use value (light and dark)
  • And much, much more!



They will learn how to apply principles of composition, balance, perspective, foreshortening, and even how to draw faces and figures!

I used to teach an art class for homeschoolers, but if I were to start my class up again tomorrow, I would use See the Light’s Art Class.


Pat Knepley’s systematic approach. Each lesson builds on the previous lessons.

Students who complete all 36 lessons of Art Class will gain a solid foundation in drawing and the basics of art. After that, they will be able to move on to create their own Art Projects.

But don’t take my word for it, take a few minutes and watch three free lessons:


Art Class is affordably priced at $99.99, but if you order from this post, you can get a 10% discount, not only on Art Class, but also for any other See the Light products you buy in the same order.

And See the Light will even throw in free shipping in the U.S.

See the LightJust use the code: VIRTUAL when you check out.


I hope you’ll check out Art Class along with all the other products that See the Light offers. And be sure to visit my blog for more free tutorials and resources.

MaryEllen Bream

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