Video: Teaching a Toddler to Count (A Little Peek Into Our Day)

Today I’m giving you a little peek into our homeschool day as I work with my toddler on counting to 20.

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Even though he is a little goofy in the video, this was a very calm spot in the day for us.  My oldest was working on his handwriting at the table, the baby was napping, and my second child was at her grandma’s having a tea party with her cousin.


He’s been struggling with getting some of the numbers correct up in the teens, so today we practiced by playing a game called “volleyball”.  I would say one number and he would say the next, then I’d go, then he’d go and so forth.


*You can also use this game to practice scripture memory (take turns saying the next word) or spelling (take turns saying the next letter) with older kids.


MaryEllen Bream

Hi! I'm MaryEllen. I currently have 3 children that I am homeschooling, from kindergarten through 4th grade. I also wrangle a toddler and will soon have another newborn in the house. Join me as I share real life stories of how I'm getting it all done (or not!)