5 Reasons We Homeschool Year Round

Are you curious about families who homeschool year round?

Year round homeschooling used to be a foreign idea to me, but somehow we just started doing it without even thinking about it.

Now summer break seems like a foreign idea!

Some of the reasons we choose to homeschool year round are as follows:


1. It gives us more freedom to take days off while still meeting our state-required quota.

2. Keeping with the same basic routine keeps the kids from getting into mischief because they’re bored. (THIS IS THE BIG ONE FOR US!)

3. There are so many season-sensitive topics to cover from an educational standpoint that occur during the summer time!  Summer nature studies, Flag Day, July 4th, gardening – all of these are great subjects to do unit studies on.

4. We don’t have to spend time reviewing what everybody forgot during summer break.

5. We like to learn, so why stop?!

The great thing about homeschooling is that there is so much freedom and flexibility.

If the weather is gorgeous, we can do nature studies or just play outside!  (See #1.)

We’re not confined to a classroom or a curriculum.  We can study whatever we’d like, whenever we’d like to.

I don’t mean you should be willy-nilly and careless with your children’s education; however, summer education (and all educationshould be fun!  It shouldn’t feel like a drudgery to do school all year round.

If you can make education a natural extension of life, you can homeschool every single day of the year for as long as your children live with you — and many times they won’t even realize that it’s school.

I hope you don’t take this to mean that I think every family should be schooling year round.  I know plenty of families who use a traditional curriculum and a traditional school schedule.  They complete all of their school days and then break for the summer.  And it works well for many people.

So if that’s what makes you feel calm and peaceful as a homeschool family — then enjoy!!

But if you’re fighting summer boredom or you just want to try something different, maybe you would enjoy year-round homeschooling.

You can:

a. Continue your regular curriculum, moving on to the next year (bonus: your kids might end up graduating a couple years early!)


b. Finish your regular curriculum and do some light and fun things during the summer

Schoolhouse Teachers has tons of unit studies and supplementary curriculum you can use for summer learning.

Our family has a subscription, and it is so worth it!

My daughter is taking the sign language course, and my son is loving all the science classes.

One membership covers the whole family, and there are TONS of classes from which to choose.  You can use the site as much or as little as you’d like for one set price.

Click here to check out Schoolhouse Teachers.

Do you have any questions about year round homeschooling?  Leave me a comment, and let’s discuss it!

MaryEllen Bream

Hi! I'm MaryEllen. I currently have 3 children that I am homeschooling, from kindergarten through 4th grade. I also wrangle a toddler and will soon have another newborn in the house. Join me as I share real life stories of how I'm getting it all done (or not!)